Kid’s teeth are very much prone to damages and you must make sure that you take good care of your kid’s teeth. And the number of children with cavities keeps rising day by day only because of the lack of interest in taking care of the teeth’s health.

Here are a few ways to keep your child’s teeth healthy and strong –

1.    Start brushing early – Start brushing your kid’s teeth early like even before they have their first tooth, gently and softly rub the gums of the baby with a soft washcloth. It will remove the leftover milk and it will also ease the transition.

2.    Don’t put our child to bed with a bottle – Avoid doing that. When your child drinks a lot of milk, sugar beverages, or juice it can lead them to dental decay when the liquid sits on the teeth. Avoid giving your children any snacks or drinks other than water after they have brushed their teeth.

3.    Take your Kids to Dentist on a regular basis – Your kid’s first visit to the dentist should be as soon as it gets the first tooth’ around when your baby is six months old. The dentist can help you plan preventive care, ensure teeth are erupting normally and answer questions you have about diet and other factors that can impact your child's smile. When it comes to choosing the right dentist, make sure you make no mistakes. In case of emergencies, there are many dentists who offer emergency dental care in Vancouver BC so in case you are looking for dental care in Vancouver choose the right one for you.

4.    Let them brush for two minutes twice a day – It is very important for your child to brush for two minutes twice a day. Make sure you teach them how to brush the right way. Teach them the importance of brushing and also let them know that brushing can be actually fun. Show them how to floss and make sure you don’t let them eat things which can make their teeth prone to cavities.

5.    Brush in front of your child – Children tend to follow their parents. When they see you doing something on a regular basis, they find it amusing and they start doing the same thinking it to be very important and fun. So you should always brush in front of your kids. It will make them used to the habit of brushing and they will also learn the importance of the same.